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For Your Marriage to Work, Commit to Your Relationship

Creating a relationship is a process.

Marriage is a special kind of relationship in which we make a sincere commitment to both creating and maintaining this special connection. In the beginning, we are attracted to someone, perhaps enthralled with them. It’s all about who this person is that attracts us. Maybe it is chemistry. It’s not about the relationship.

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Children are not born understanding appreciation.

"I want that fire truck,” screams 3-year-old William, and he proceeds to throw himself prostrate on the floor in the store. Mom is beside herself. She has already bought him three toys since they’ve been out shopping.

What Does Bipolar Disorder Look Like?

What Is Vicarious Trauma?

Dealing with personal trauma is challenging, but so is helping others work through their trauma — and it may result in vicarious trauma.

If you spend your day taking care of other people, you may be taking on their stress, experiences, or even their trauma. The trauma that can occur after exposure to someone else’s trauma is called vicarious trauma.

How to Manage Runaway Emotions

Emotion dysregulation is at the core of a range of disorders. .

A new paper published in the academic journal Canadian Psychology attempts to define an important yet elusive concept in clinical psychology: emotion dysregulation. According to the researchers, it is best understood as the repeated encroachment of unhelpful emotional patterns. They suggest that emotion dysregulation is at the heart of many psychological disorders.

How to Support Your Romantic Partner If They Live with Anxiety

If your loved one lives with anxiety, you may not always know how to help — but you can do plenty to support them.

Anxiety symptoms can cause the most distress for the person who experiences them. All the same, watching a loved one have a hard time with anxiety can prompt a different kind of pain, especially when you feel powerless to make a difference.

5 Ways to Keep Jealousy From Destroying Love

How to tame the "green monster."

Relentless jealousy drove Leanne into therapy late last year. She was depressed and overwhelmed at the romantic wreckage in her life. “Every relationship I’ve had has ended because I couldn’t control my jealousy,” she said. “No matter who the guy was or how trustworthy he seemed, I couldn’t keep from checking his phone, grilling him about former girlfriends or current female friends or co-workers. I snooped through his desk drawers. Sometimes I found incriminating evidence—two of my exes were, in fact, cheaters—but others weren’t and got sick of my obsessing about imagined infidelities. They’re all in the past now. I want to trust more—but how?”

How to Handle Feeling Wronged by Your Partner

Finding healthy ways to make sense of the experience and move forward.

One of the deepest sources of conflict in a relationship occurs when there’s a breach of trust. When we feel hurt or deceived by a partner, we often experience a sense of betrayal. Feeling blindsided by someone with whom we felt secure can trigger a wide range of emotions. It can be hard to unpack our internal experience in such a stirred-up state, much less resolve the issue with the other person.

Avoidance of Uncertainty: Generalized Anxiety Explained

Learn why your anxiety may be about fear of the unknown and what to do about it.

One of the first things I explain to my anxious clients when they come in for therapy is that avoidance maintains anxiety; anything you do to avoid or escape anxiety triggers in the short-term gives you more anxiety in response to those triggers in the long-term.

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