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How Negative Self-Beliefs Can Impact Your Life

How we see ourselves and how we engage with the world doesn’t happen by chance. Unconscious beliefs are learned in childhood as a function of conditioning. How a child learns to think of themselves is often a product of modeling and imitation—their parents and caregivers model their own self-beliefs and the child learns and adapts accordingly.

You Don’t Need a “Big” Reason to Start Therapy — Here’s Why

I’ve gone to therapy at several points in my life. The first time was after a breakup. This is actually a pretty common time to seek help — lots of people go to therapy after a big life event.

But the second time I went, I didn’t have a “big” reason.

There is a curious cultural debate happening now. Let me summarize it like this: when it comes to interpersonal interactions, impact trumps intention. Meaning that, regardless of what Person A’s intention was behind what they said or did, the only thing that matters is how their actions impacted Person B. The reasoning for this, as proponents say, is to prioritize the harmed party's pain and the damage caused. This assumes there is a Victim and a Perpetrator, whereby the Perpetrator is harming the Victim. Advocates say only when you prioritize the painful impact can repair happen.

The Painful, Long-Term Effects of Parental Abandonment

Cassie was 14 when her father left her mother, moving into an apartment across town. She dealt with the trauma of their separation by skipping school, experimenting with drugs, and staying out late with boys, and she was even caught shoplifting.

5 Myths of Adolescence

To understand adolescence is to take a front-row seat at the very essence of human development. It is a thrilling period during which the characteristics that make us unique from all other species are unfolding—things like consciousness, self-awareness, judgment, insight, romance.

Are Your Good Intentions Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Satisfying and sustainable romantic relationships take work. We all know that patience, understanding, and flexibility are important qualities to practice for lasting love. And many of us add to that list the age-old pro-social behavior of sacrifice to improve our relationships.

What Is Self-Regulation?

You probably already know what self-regulation is, even if you’re not aware of the term. Self-regulation refers to the ability to control your behavior and manage your thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways. It’s why you go to school or work even though you don’t always feel like it, or why you don’t eat pizza for every meal.

How to Eliminate Work-Related Anxiety From Your Weekends

It’s Sunday.

The perfect day for anxiety to spike in anticipation of the work week. It is hard not to think about work when it is looming only a few hours away.

Let’s be honest–work is stressful. You might be walking on eggshells dealing with a critical boss who micromanages your every move. Perhaps you are stuck with difficult coworkers who you wish you never had to work with. Maybe you feel burned out from the constant barrage of emails and phone calls.

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